Add a supporting team

A supporting team enables you to share content, such as a survey or page, privately with specific people to view or edit. Supporting teams are available in ArcGIS Hub Premium. For more information, see the Frequently asked questions.

Create a supporting team

Core team members can create supporting teams with view access, but only administrators and initiative managers can create supporting teams with edit access.

  1. Open an initiative site in edit mode.
  2. On the Initiative drop-down menu, click Teams.
  3. In the upper right corner of the Teams page, click New and choose a supporting team type.

    If the option to create a supporting team with edit access is unavailable to you, you do not have the administrative privilege to create groups with the update capability assigned to your role.

  4. On the Team Details page, optionally click Browse for Image to add an image.

    Adding an image to a supporting team can make it easier to browse for the correct team in an initiative's list of teams. The image also appears on the team profile.

  5. Enter a name in the Team Name text box and provide a brief summary.

    The summary is available on the team profile. Consider using this space to add instructions on what tasks you want team members to accomplish.

  6. Click Save.

    When you add a supporting team to an initiative, you are adding a view group called Initiative-Name Supporting Team to ArcGIS Online. You can now add members to the team. See Add members to a team for more information.

Add an existing supporting team

You can add another initiative's supporting team to your initiative. Members of the supporting team you add must be able to view your initiative site to access the team profile from the site. Ensure that the site is shared to the group with view access. For more information see Give view access.

  1. On the Initiative (second) drop-down menu, click Teams.
  2. Click the Add Existing Supporting Team button Add existing supporting team.

Set team profile visibility

After you create a supporting team, you can edit the team profile to set privacy levels (who can view the group). Options include: group, organization, or everyone (public). To access the team profile, supporting team members must also have access to view the site. For supporting teams with view access to see the site, initiative managers or core team members can set the site's visibility to the supporting team. For supporting teams with edit access to see the site, create a new supporting team with view access, and add the same members to the group. Then, share the site with the view access group only, so that members can access their team profile from the site. This will not grant edit access to the site, even though the members belong to a supporting team with edit access, as the site item is not shared with the edit version of the team.

Provide access to team profile

Supporting team managers and team members can visit their team profile to view the team's content and complete tasks, such as sharing their own content with the group. Site or page editors with an ArcGIS Hub Premium license can highlight teamwork, and give access to the team profile by adding a Teams card to a site or page Layout. Editors, team members, and visitors can then go directly to the team profile. When adding a Teams card, site editors can select multiple teams to add them all at once. Teams cards use the theme of the site. They respect sharing settings, so members only see their own teams or groups, or those that are public. Teams whose profiles are not public will not be visible to site visitors via a Teams card.


Initiative managers and core team members can view the team profile by opening the site in edit mode and clicking Teams in the site's drop-down menu. Select the team from the list to open the team profile. Non-core team members with an ArcGIS Hub Basic license can get to their team, by going to their user profile, then going to teams of which they're a member.

Share content with a supporting team

Supporting team managers and members can share content with a supporting team, based on the team settings in the next section, by following these steps.


If you are a supporting team member or group manager who does not belong to the core team, you must have view access to the site to access your team's profile. For more information, see Give view access.

  1. Navigate to the team profile (see above section) in edit or live view, and click the team name in the blue navigation bar.
  2. Click the Add Content button.
  3. Choose Search for Existing or Upload or Link and follow prompts to add and save content.

Manage which team members can contribute content

Team managers can modify which set of team members can share content with the team, either All group members or Group owner and managers.

  1. Navigate to the team profile. See Provide access to team profile.
  2. Click the Edit button Edit.
  3. Select Edit Team Profile.
  4. Under Membership Access, select a setting for Who can contribute content?
  5. Click Save.

Assign a group manager

Team owners can elevate a member's role to group manager, so that they can add or remove new members.

  1. Open a team in edit mode.
  2. Select one or more members from the list and click Change Roles.
  3. Select Manager. The role change is in effect when the member signs in.

Message supporting team members

Team owners and managers can send emails to supporting team members. Emails are sent from with the first name and last name associated with the team member's account ( First Name Last Name).

  1. Open the initiative site in edit mode.
  2. On the Initiative (second) drop-down menu and choose Teams.
  3. From the list, click the supporting team's name to open it.
  4. Confirm that everyone to whom you want to send an email is a member of the team.
  5. Click the Message All button Message All.

    To select recipients individually, check the check box next to each member's name and click Message in the lower right corner of the page.

  6. Add text in the Subject line and Body field.

    To share external links in the body of your email, the link must be registered to ArcGIS Hub by an administrator. See Register external links sent in emails.

  7. Click Send Message.