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ArcGIS Community Analyst is being retired. See Deprecation notice for ArcGIS Community Analyst: Transition to ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App for more information.

The latest release includes the updates and enhancements described below.

Updated Esri data

Access updated data provided by Esri, including Esri 2024 Updated Demographics, Esri Tapestry Segmentation, Esri Consumer Spending, Esri Market Potential, Esri Business Summary, and Esri Retail Demand by Industry data.

New data browser

Explore the new data browser with improved navigation, easier access to popular variables, new filtering options for enhanced searches, and improved accessibility.

Redesigned points of interest (POI) search workflow

Try the redesigned points of interest (POI) search workflow with improved filtering, new save search functionality, enhanced map style options, and new ways to view and summarize data.

Global data updates

Data updates are included for Esri Japan and Michael Bauer Research countries and regions and global points of interest.

Reorganized app header

The app header of ArcGIS Community Analyst has been streamlined, relocating the following controls:

  • Autosave has been moved to the application preferences.
  • Guided tours are now located in the Help and resources menu.

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