ArcGIS Community Analyst is a web-based system that allows you to view and analyze demographic and third-party sources of data to better understand the overall community in question and make better policy decisions.

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This video was created using Business Analyst Web App, where the user experience and workflows are identical to Community Analyst.

Community Analyst can help answer the following:

  • Where should money and resources be targeted for a greater impact?
  • What population and what kind of people will be impacted by a policy decision?
  • What are the demographic trends for which we need to plan?

With Community Analyst, you can understand and compare communities more deeply and on a factual level. By using the thousands of variables available in Community Analyst, you can analyze specific locations, geographic areas, or custom regions you create on the map, then relay critical information and analyses to others via maps and reports.

Creating color-coded maps of demographic data and projections helps you become more aware of trends for better planning. Smart Map Search helps you target the appropriate area for policy changes and resource allocations. Viewing locations you have imported in relation to community data on the map enables you to see different challenges and opportunities surrounding those locations and develop useful policies accordingly.