Import USD (Universal Scene Description)

Use USD import to read Universal Scene Description (USD) assets as static models or start shapes. It supports .usd, .usda, .usdc, and .usdz file extensions and recognizes the USD mesh and cube node types. USD import can read scenes consisting of more than one .usd file; see the USD export file structure for more information. Additionally, for static models, if the USDPreviewSurface material type is present, they are displayed as CityEngine PBR Material.

Import options

USD import options are described in the following table:



Click Browse to open a file dialog box and select a .usd, .usda, or .usdc file to import.

Import as static model

When checked, the file is imported as is and cannot be modified by CGA rules. Otherwise, start shapes are created from the provided (if available, textured) polygons, ready to be used with CGA rules.

Align to terrain

When checked, the geometry automatically aligns to the terrain.


Scale is the size factor applied to the imported object.


Offset adds the specified offset to the imported object:

  • Center—Sets the offset such that the object is centered on the scene's origin.
  • Reset—Sets the offset back to zero.

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