Import glTF/glb (Khronos Group)

glTF/glb (version 2.0) is a JSON-based 3D geometry delivery format. It supports modern materials (PBR) and geometry instancing and is supported by many desktop and web apps. It is a recommended exchange format for new projects.

The glb file format variant is a binary form of glTF that inlines textures instead of referencing them as external images.

For details, see the KhronosGroup GitHub page.

Import options

For glTF import, the following options are available:



Click Browse to open a file dialog box to select a .gltf or .glb file to import.

Import as static model

When checked, the file is imported as is and cannot be modified by CGA rules. Otherwise, start shapes are created from the provided (if available, textured) polygons, ready to be used with CGA rules.

Align to terrain

When checked, the geometry is automatically aligned to the terrain.


Scale is the factor applied to the imported object.


Offset adds the specified offset to the imported object:

  • Center—Sets the offset such that the object is centered on the scene's origin.
  • Reset—Sets the offset back to zero.

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