Online access in ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop

Available with Business Analyst license.

There are two bundles that provide Business Analyst Desktop products (ArcGIS Business Analyst ArcMap and Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro).

Business Analyst U.S. version entitles you to ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App. This subscription can be used with the ArcGIS Online entitlement for one user.

Setting up online access

Once your ArcGIS Online account is activated, you can sign in with your credentials from Business Analyst.

  1. To sign in, open ArcMap and select File > Sign In.
  2. Enter your ArcGIS Online credentials and click SIGN IN.
  3. Preview your settings inside the Business Analyst Preferences window. The Online tab will show your ArcGIS Online Subscription Status, Default Country or area, and Hierarchy.

Setting up your organizational account

ArcGIS Online organization accounts provide a custom portal with secure, unique logins. This allows you to have more control of sharing, more analytical functions, more data choices and more associated tools and applications. Having an ArcGIS Online organization account also allows you to create and manage groups which allow for each user, associated with the organization, to have their own secure login.