Classic locators deprecation


ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop is in mature support and follows the ArcGIS Desktop life cycle. There are no plans for future releases of ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop, and it is recommended that you migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro. See Migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro for more information.

Starting with the U.S.A and Canada 2022 Business Analyst data delivery, the classic locators will be phased out and will no longer be included as part of ArcGIS Business Analyst. This will impact you if you use ArcMap, older versions of ArcGIS Enterprise, or have a custom workflow dependent on these locators. While Esri will continue to include the classic locators in the product until 2022, only the underlying data will be updated, and there will be no further enhancements to the locators. Classic locators are not supported in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.

The following software versions are required to use the new locators:

  • ArcGIS Pro 2.2.4 or later
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 or later

The following Business Analyst data releases will be the last release of the classic locators in ArcGIS Business Analyst:

RegionFinal release versionFinal release date

United States

2022 US Data

Q3 2022


2022 Canada Data

Q4 2022

This transition allows Esri to concentrate on delivering the best content products. See the Deprecation of Classic Locator for ArcGIS Business Analyst for ArcMap blog to learn more about the benefits of the new locators. It is Esri's continued goal to provide your organization with the best available map display, geocoding, and routing content through ArcGIS Business Analyst. Esri is confident that this change will bring long-term benefits to your organization. Contact your account manager or Esri Customer Service if you have any questions or concerns at +1-888-377-4575.


The deprecation of the Classic Locator will also result in the deprecation of Esri Address Coder which utilizes the classic locators.

Business Analyst Fast Map will not be supported with the U.S.A and Canada 2022 data release. Business Analyst Fast Map.mxd and Business Analyst Fast Map-Basemap.lyr files previously available with the local data installation, will no longer be installed.


Locators created with the Create Address Locator (Geocoding toolbox) will not be supported after ArcGIS Runtime version 100.11. With the 100.12 release, only the locators created with the Create Locator (Geocoding toolbox) will be supported. The deprecated locator format is composed of the files .loc, .loc.xml, .locb, and .loz. The newer locator format is composed of the files .loc and .loz.

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