Authorizing your software and data

Available with Business Analyst license.


ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop is in mature support and follows the ArcGIS Desktop life cycle. There are no plans for future releases of ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop, and it is recommended that you migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro. See Migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro for more information.

Business Analyst 10.8.2 uses your current ArcGIS license system and requires authorization to be activated. You need to add the Business Analyst feature to the Esri license manager. Once your license manager has been updated, you can activate the feature through the Extensions dialog box in ArcGIS Desktop.

ArcGIS Business Analyst ArcMap licensing

To access your Esri software downloads and authorization numbers go to the My Esri site.


An Esri Global account is required to access My Esri, which contains software downloads and authorization tools. To begin the download process, you will either need to link your global account using the token received in an email containing your order information, or by logging in with your existing Esri Global account.

To authorize your ArcGIS and Business Analyst licenses perform the following steps:


Upon completion of the ArcGIS software installation process, the ArcGIS Administrator Software Authorization Wizard will automatically launch.

For new users

  1. Choose Desktop
  2. Choose your ArcGIS software product type or set the License Manager and click Authorize Now
  3. Under the Other Extensions section, enter Business Analyst Standard and the corresponding authorization number and follow the wizard instructions to complete the licensing process.

For existing users


Business Analyst will prompt you for automatic upgrade of the current license keys.

  1. Choose Desktop
  2. Choose your ArcGIS software product type or set the License Manager and click Authorize Now.
  3. If you choose Yes at the prompt to upgrade then all features, including the Business Analyst extension, will be upgraded to the 10.8.2 version.
  4. If you choose No, you can still access the upgrade functionality later in the ArcGIS Administrator.
ArcGIS will be available to use after the license authorization or upgrade has taken place. You can view the available features from within the ArcGIS Administrator.

Licensing your data

Upon completion of the Business Analyst Data install you will be prompted to apply a data license. The data license (*.SDLIC) unlocks all Business Analyst datasets. Click Open and navigate to your SDLIC file. If you close this dialog without applying the data license you can manage your SDLIC files through the ArcGIS Administrator, via All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator. Learn more about data license files here.

An *.LFX license file is used to unlock the Address Coder functionality. Save the*.LFX file locally. When you first launch Address Coder, it will be operating in Demonstration Mode with a maximum of 20 records that can be processed. To unlock the full Address Coder functionality, Go to File > Options. On the License tab, choose Browse, set the path to the directory where your Address Coder license file is located, and click Open. Your Address Coder is now licensed. Click Apply and click Close.


The Address Coder .LFX file is compressed with 7-Zip software in order to be sent as an attachment. You will follow the same instructions as described in Installing Business Analyst 2023 U.S. Data.