Introduction to Address Data Management

Address Data Management can be used to maintain an authoritative inventory of road centerlines with address ranges, valid road names, site addresses, and related mailing addresses.

It provides a series of workflows and standard address layers that streamline the maintenance of a central address repository that supports diverse information needs (for example, public safety, permitting, utility billing, assessment and taxation, and so on). This optimized approach allows organizations to capture the physical location of an address early in the development process and continuously improve the accuracy of address information over time. Address Data Management is typically implemented by planning departments, public safety agencies, GIS departments, and other local government organizations that want to develop and maintain an address repository that supports a variety of government functions.

The Address Data Management solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you maintain a standard set of address layers that incorporate national guidelines, streamline address data management workflows, and continuously improve the quality of address information.

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Deploy now

This ArcGIS Solution can be deployed in your ArcGIS organization.

Deploy now

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Address Data Management requires the following:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.5 or later (Standard or Advanced)
    • ArcGIS Data Reviewer (optional)

Information products

Address Data Management includes the following information products:

ItemDescriptionMinimum user type

Address Data Management

An ArcGIS Pro project used to maintain an inventory of road centerlines, valid road names, site addresses, and related mailing addresses

GIS Professional Standard

When you deploy this solution in your ArcGIS organization, you also get an ArcGIS Solution item that organizes the key information products and summarizes all the ArcGIS items (applications, forms, projects, maps, feature layers, feature layer views, and so on) included with the solution. The ArcGIS Solution item also illustrates any dependencies items have on each other.

Release notes

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