Edit a plan

You can edit zoning and land-use plans by creating design scenarios. Only licensed users with editing permissions can edit plans. Plans that are shared with everyone can only be edited by their owners. The following editing capabilities are available in a zoning plan:

  • Details—See the plan details and edit the plan study area. See Edit the study area to learn more.
  • Zoning—Propose new zones and overlays for a plan. Edit zoning parameters, zoning, and overlay boundaries. See Work with zoning and Work with overlays to learn more.
  • Development—Propose new building types, assign building types to parcels, generate buildings, and draw custom buildings. See Develop a parcel to learn more.
  • Dashboard—Compare the impact of different scenarios. Define metrics and import existing metric values. See Work with the dashboard to learn more.

The same editing capabilities exist in a land-use plan, except that the zoning editing functionality is replaced with the land-use editing functionality as follows:

  • Land use—Propose future land uses for a plan. Edit land-use parameters and boundaries. See Work with land use to learn more.

To edit a plan, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the plan you want to edit on the map or find it using the search panel at the upper left of the overview.

    The plan editor appears.

  2. Edit the plan.