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Sign in to Site Scan

Site Scan Manager is a web application used to manage drone fleets, securely process imagery in a scalable cloud environment, and quickly share high-quality 2D and 3D imagery products with internal and external users. The following sections describe the basics of signing in to Site Scan Manager and working with different roles and privileges.

Access Site Scan Manager

To join Site Scan, you must be invited by a Site Scan organization administrator. When the organization is created, the initial administrator will be sent an email to join the organization and create a password. Administrators can invite people to their organization under Team Members, and by clicking New Team Member.

To sign in, browse to Site Scan Manager through your web browser. It is recommended that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Site Scan is hosted in three regions around the world. The URLs for each one are as follows:

United States of America is the default for most organizations. Confirm the region where your organization is hosted with your administrator, and use the corresponding URL to access Site Scan.

If you use ArcGIS Online to sign in to Site Scan, choose the ArcGIS Online sign-in option. Otherwise, you can sign in to Site Scan using your email address and password. If your invitation to join Site Scan has expired, use the Forgot Password option to reset it. Alternatively, contact your organization's Site Scan administrator.

Forgotten password and expired invitation

If you forget your password and you use your email address to sign in to Site Scan, choose Email sign in and use the Forgot Password option to receive an email with password reset instructions.

If you're using ArcGIS Online to sign in, reset your password using the ArcGIS Online sign-in option and click Forgot password.