Frequently asked questions

Listed below are common questions about ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Can I give others access to my account?

This is not permitted. Each username for Plus and ArcGIS Online accounts is intended for a single user. If multiple people will use the extension in your company, each person must have their own account.

Is my use of the extension and data confidential?

There is an optional setting to allow Esri to track aspects of your usage for the purpose of understanding how you're using the extension so we can make improvements. Some examples include the number of downloads and which tools and type of symbols and labels are used. You can opt out by turning off this option in the Settings window. In addition, the map file (Ai document) that's created on our servers and sent back to you is stored for a limited time (approximately six hours) so we can check the file if anything goes wrong. Esri does not share any of this information outside of the product team; it's only used to help us debug and improve the extension.

Can I use maps and layouts that were exported from ArcGIS Pro?

Yes. When maps and layouts are exported from ArcGIS Pro as an Adobe Illustrator Exchange (AIX) file format, you can open the AIX file in Illustrator for graphic design. When you open the AIX file, the extension converts vector and raster map content into editable, layered artwork that you can save for use in other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Can I use projections in this app?

Yes, you can define a projection for a mapboard in the Compilation window. See Update layers for more information.

Does this app support only vector content?

No, both vector and raster maps and layers can be used in the app. The output in Illustrator is vector for feature layers and image for raster layers. In Photoshop, however, both vector and raster layers are output as raster.

When using ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud, are there any limitations I should know about?

Here are the limitations to take into account:

  • NoData pixel values in image services or raster layers such as heat maps may get an absolute value instead of NoData.
  • Vector tiles are not yet supported.
  • If you are trying to connect to a secured service in a version prior to 10.3, you will receive a token error. This is a known issue with ArcGIS Server.
  • Text on a curve or spline may appear as individual characters rather than strings.

Can I change the symbology of the content of a map?

Yes, before you sync a mapboard, you can use the style editor in the Compilation window to change the appearance of a layer in the map.

My web map has symbology I used from smart mapping tools. Do these symbols translate to Adobe Illustrator?

Some web map smart mapping symbology does translate differently when it's downloaded into Adobe Illustrator.

Does the extension support all smart mapping features similar to ArcGIS Online?

No. Although the extension does allow you to use the smart mapping functionality, there are some considerations to be aware of.

Can I push my layers and web map back into ArcGIS Online and share them with my organization?

Yes. This functionality is available when you use the Share button in the Compilation window.

Does the extension automatically update when a new version is available?

If you installed version 1.5 (or later) using a setup file that you downloaded from the Esri website, when a new update is available, you'll see a notification message in the Mapboard window after you sign in. You can choose whether to update immediately or at a later time.

The app window does not display properly. How can I fix this?

Try enabling (or disabling) Adobe Illustrator or the Photoshop GPU Performance setting.

Why do the extension windows dock slowly?

As an extension, the windows are not as responsive as the native dialog boxes inside of Illustrator or Photoshop. Wait until you see the blue bar before releasing the window.

What are my options for getting help with the extension?

You can ask questions in the Esri Community by going to the ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud GeoNet page. If you have an ArcGIS Online account through an organization with a maintenance plan, Esri Technical Support can help you with the extension.

Can I use this app with non-English Illustrator?

Yes, you can use this app with non-English Illustrator. However, the user interface for this app will display all the controls in English. Greater internationalization support is expected to be provided in future releases.

Can I access content from ArcGIS Enterprise installation?

ArcGIS Enterprise will be supported in the near future.

Will I get a receipt when I purchase a Plus account?

Yes. It will take 2-3 business days to get a receipt after buying a Plus account.

How safe is my credit card information when I purchase a Plus account?

Esri never receives your credit card information. We follow the industry standard, using a third-party vendor called Paymetric, which is a PCI-compliant payment processor. We do not store your credit card information; we only receive a token that can only be decrypted by Paymetric.

How do I renew my Plus account?

Your account is renewed and payment automatically charged each month until you request that your account be cancelled, which you can request via the Account Management page. Your credit card is authorized three days before the term end date. An email is sent during the authorization of the credit card and an invoice email is sent once the order is processed. Your access is extended for 30 days from the start date.