Functionality matrix

The following table outlines functionality differences available to supported accounts, including Complimentary, Plus, and ArcGIS organizational accounts based on user type (Viewer, Editor, Creator, and GIS Professional). Once signed in, application features not accessible based on your account type will be identified with a key icon Key icon for account types.

1—Number of locations that can be geocoded from a local shapefile, CSV, TXT, or KML file format is limited to 1,000 features for Complimentary users and 4,000 features for Plus and ArcGIS accounts.

2—Complimentary users only see the top 50 results when geosearching places.

3—This includes curated content that's well-suited for common graphic design work, including layers, sample web maps, and two basemaps with worldwide coverage (Natural Earth and VectorStreetMap—compatible with the Legacy mapping profile).

4—Running these tools with an ArcGIS Online organizational account requires credits.