Modify default settings

Use the Settings window to change some of the extension's default settings, such as how to define the mapboard projection and which messages to show in the extension.

  1. In the Mapboards or Compilation window, click the menu button Menu button and choose Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, on the General tab, modify the following settings:
    • Messages—Show ToolTips and other useful messages.
    • Usability improvement—Participate in the Esri User Experience Improvement (EUEI) program to help improve the usability of ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud by providing anonymous information about your system and how you use the extension. You must restart Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to apply this change.
    • Data projection—Choose whether to use the data's projection or the default Web Mercator when defining mapboards from a file or layer.
  3. On the Mapboards tab, for Scale Display, change the format of the map scale menu that you can use to adjust the map area.
  4. On the Mapping Profile tab, choose the mapping profile to use for all new mapboards.
    • Default profile—Access vector tile basemaps directly in the extension, providing many options for themed vector maps and layers. For ArcGIS Enterprise accounts, your organization must be configured with an ArcGIS Server preconfigured print service.
    • Legacy profile—Access the VectorStreetMap or Natural Earth vector basemaps that were designed for use with the extension (if your current workflows still require one of these). It's recommended that you use vector tile basemaps from ArcGIS Living Atlas (if you have access) or customize and host your own vector tile layers.

      When using the Legacy mapping profile with an ArcGIS Enterprise account, the layers in the map must be accessible from outside your firewall. The Legacy mapping profile is not available in a disconnected environment.


    You can also change the mapping profile for a specific map in Current Map Settings.

    When you sync your map, the downloaded results can vary depending on which setting you choose. The results from the Default mapping profile are similar to the results of opening an .aix file exported from ArcGIS Pro because it also uses the latest technology.