Share a location

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

ArcGIS Indoors can be launched to directly display a feature in an indoor map. This functionality is useful if users want to share the location of a feature such as a conference room or café on campus with others so they can quickly get directions to the shared location.

The link can be shared using apps on the device such as email, text, or instant messaging. Tapping the shared link opens the Indoors mobile app to the shared feature if the Indoors mobile app is installed on the device. Links from ArcGIS Indoors for Android can be shared with users that have ArcGIS Indoors for iOS or opened in Indoor Viewer.


You can create QR codes for the links and scan them using the device camera to launch the Indoors app directly to the shared location. QR codes can be created using an online QR code generator.

Share the location of a feature with other Indoors mobile users

To share a link to a feature in an indoor map, complete the following steps:

  1. Use Explore or Search to open the info card for the feature you want to share.

    You can also open the info card by tapping a feature on the map.

  2. Tap the Share button.

    A panel that lists all the compatible apps installed on the device appears.

  3. Choose the app to use to open the link.

    The app opens with the shared link automatically populated.

  4. Save the link or share it.

When the shared link is tapped, a panel that displays the Indoors mobile app and any installed browser apps appears. When you choose the Indoors app to open the link, you can optionally set your device to always use that app.


If the link opens in the browser app without displaying this option, you must clear defaults for that app for the Indoors mobile app to be displayed as an option when the link is tapped.

Open the shared link in Indoor Viewer

Links shared from Indoors mobile apps can also be opened in the Indoor Viewer app. This is useful when someone using the Indoors mobile app wants to share a link with someone who is using Indoor Viewer in their browser.

  1. Note the link to the Indoor Viewer app where you want the link to go.

    The link has the following URL format:

    • ArcGIS Enterprisehttps://<My ArcGIS organization>/portal/apps/indoors/?appID=<My Indoor Viewer app ID>
    • ArcGIS Onlinehttps://<My ArcGIS organization><My Indoor Viewer app ID>

  2. Open the project that contains the Indoors mobile map in ArcGIS Pro.
  3. Open the IndoorsConfig table.
  4. Set the value of INDOORSWEB_URL to the URL of the Viewer app.
  5. On the Edit tab, in the Manage group, click Save Edits Save Edits.
  6. Share the mobile map.

Links shared from the Indoors mobile app can now be used to launch the specified Viewer app and display the shared feature.

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