Add content to a site

Every site (and initiative site) includes a content library where you can organize the content that you want to share.

Items added to a content library are available as follows:

  • As search results from a search query entered on your site's search bar.
  • As widgets (item thumbnail and summary) wherever your layout includes a gallery

You can also add content to your layout using an item's card. For example, you can use the map card to select a web map or web scene for display.


Items added directly to a layout using a card or cards are not automatically added to the content library. These items are not discoverable in search results until you manually add them to the content library.

Follow these steps to add an item to your site's content library:

  1. Open a site or initiative site in edit mode.
  2. Click the second drop-down menu on the edit navigation bar and select Content Library.
  3. Create an item, add an existing item, or upload content from your computer.

    For more information, see Create, upload, or add content.

  4. Open the content library and locate the item to confirm that it was added.
  5. Click the second drop-down menu on the edit navigation bar and choose Site or Initiative Site (as appropriate) to confirm that the item is visible in search results.
  6. Click Save and click View.
  7. Enter a search term for the item in the search text box.
  8. In the list of results, click the item's title to open its details page.

    Most items include the Access and View button Access and View on their details page so you can ensure that your item is shared with the appropriate audience.