Side by Side

Side-by-side comparison allows you to select two scenarios and display them next to each other for spatial and quantitative comparison. Compare divides the map display into two maps, each displaying a different scenario and all the operational data you have added to your project. You can also synchronize the two maps so that when you pan one map to a different location or zoom to another extent, the other map automatically pans or zooms to the same location and extent.

  1. Click the Evaluate tab.
  2. Click Side by Side.
    Green rectangle around Side by Side tool in the Evaluate tab.
  3. Click the scenario drop-down box in the corner of each map to change to a different scenario.
    Compare two scenarios side by side.
  4. Optionally, click Synchronize Map Extents to turn on or off the synchronized map display.
  5. Optionally, click the dashboard button Dashboard to display the dashboard in each map.