Evaluation tools

Evaluation helps you understand the quality or performance of a plan by comparing it to the criteria modeled in suitability or active scenario layers and indicators.

Evaluate tools

The toolbar on the Evaluate tab contains the following tools:

Evaluate toolbar

  • 3D—View, extrude features, and model shadows in 3D to evaluate scenarios and visualize planning tradeoffs.
  • Side by Side—Display two scenarios next to each other to visualize spatial and quantitative differences.
  • Swipe—Reveal a map or image layer beneath your scenario. This enables you to compare different scenarios.
  • Consensus—Overlay multiple scenarios to identify similarities between two scenarios.
  • Scenario Comparison—Create a Scenario Comparison table to compare scenario indicators and baseline indicators from specified scenarios.
  • Report—Run reports for indicators and natural assets in an area.
  • Project Screening—Set specific criteria to mark spatial relationships based around spatial operators and attributes.
  • Dashboard—Open the dashboard.

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