Shared items

ArcGIS GeoPlanner is a web app built on ArcGIS that can share data across your organization. You can share projects, scenarios, assessment, evaluation or operational data, and dashboards. How each of these items is shared depends on what type of item it is.


You can share a project and its associated scenarios by inviting users to a project group. Once a user is invited and joins the project team, they can open and review all scenarios associated with this project, including scenarios created by other users.

Operational layers and basemaps

You can share operational layers and basemaps by adding data to the project template web map. When you open a project, GeoPlanner creates a web map stored on your My Content tab in the ArcGIS organization. All layers included in the project template web map are automatically added to your web map. Other data added by the project owner to their own web map (such as analysis layers and evaluation layers) is not included, but you can use the Add Data tool to discover items and manually add them.


You can share a dashboard by exporting it to the project or template from which the project was created. Collaborators can import a shared dashboard into their local project. If a dashboard was exported to a template, all new projects created from that template will contain the dashboard. Assessment layers associated with a shared dashboard are added when that dashboard is imported into a project.

Result layers

GeoPlanner automatically shares assessment or evaluation-result layers. When performing an analysis or evaluation process, the result layer is automatically shared with the project group, and all project team members can use the Add Data tool to manually add these items to their own project web map.

Data items

GeoPlanner automatically shares exported or uploaded data items. This happens when you export spatial data using the Export function, which appears when you click the Open Menu button Open Menu. The resulting item is automatically shared with the project group. Depending on the item type, your team members can either open or downloaded the item.


Project team members can access these items by clicking Open Menu > Attachment > Search for Files.

The app automatically shares web maps and web scenes. When saving a web map or web scene using the Export function, the web map is created, saved in, and automatically shared with the project group, and all project team members can discover these items by opening the project folder in their ArcGIS organization.

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