Create a template using ArcGIS GeoPlanner

All work in ArcGIS GeoPlanner is done in a project. A project represents a planning goal and a set of items, processes, and decisions that must be made to meet that goal. GeoPlanner projects are created from templates. Templates contain a web map and one or more feature layers with symbols and attributes. Templates represent the symbols, attributes, default values, and indicators that are used for planning purposes in an industry. A number of ready-to-use templates are available to help you get started. These templates can be used for a variety of planning scenarios and basic sketch planning, including economic development, land use, and green infrastructure.

You can work with symbols, default values, design layers, and indicators that differ from those provided by the ready-to-use templates in GeoPlanner. Any new project that you create from a template will include your changes.

The following steps help you create a template that you can customize to your planning standards:

  1. Sign in to GeoPlanner.
  2. Create or open an existing project.
    Create or open an existing project.
  3. Click Add Data to add the layers.

    You can add data available to you in your ArcGIS organization from the My Content, My Project, Curated, and All tabs. Data can include hosted layers, web services, and more.

  4. Customize your design type symbols and default values to match your planning standards.

    You can also add to design layers.

  5. Customize your dashboard by creating new indicators.
  6. Optionally, click Extent Extent and click Add Bookmark to create a bookmark.

    Bookmarks provide shortcuts to places on a map. When you click a bookmark, the map zooms to the extent you have set for a location.

  7. Click Open Menu Open Menu and choose Save.

    The changes in your web map are saved and you can write them to your template.

  8. Click Open Menu Open Menu and choose Collaborate.
  9. Click Save as Template.

    In the Save as Project template window, provide a title, summary, description, and tags. Indicate who has access to your project by clicking one of the Access options:

    • Organization
    • Public
    • Private
  10. Click Create.

    The new template appears in the search window when you choose a template to create a new project.

You can also create your own template in ArcGIS Pro and upload it to your ArcGIS organization. This is useful when you want to add attribute domains to your scenario layers.

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