Arcade in dashboards

ArcGIS Arcade is a portable, lightweight, and secure expression language. It can perform mathematical calculations, manipulate text, and evaluate logical statements. Arcade expressions can be authored in web maps for pop-ups, styles, and labels and are supported in the dashboard's map and details elements.

In a dashboard, you can take advantage of Arcade expressions in two additional ways. Data expressions can be used as the data source for a dashboard's data-driven elements. Formatting expressions can be used by the list, indicator, and table elements to provide fine-tuned control over their look within a dashboard.

Data expressions

Data-driven elements can use a data expression to create a feature set for use as a dashboard's data source. Data expressions can help prepare your data for use in a dashboard, and in turn, allow you to unlock new insights by combining, modeling, or enhancing the existing data.

Data expressions must return a FeatureSet. Data expressions use the Dashboard data Arcade profile.

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Formatting expressions

You can use Arcade expressions for advanced formatting of the list, indicator, and table elements to customize how your data points render. A data point can represent either a feature or summary statistic based on how the element is configured. When using features, a single data point represents a single feature. When using a statistic, each data point represents the result of that statistic. Advanced formatting allows you to make visually compelling and informative elements for your dashboard.

Formatting expressions return a dictionary based on a key-value pair. Depending on the element, the set of dictionary keys are different. Advanced formatting uses the formatting profile for the specific element:

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