Change theme

You can change the theme and colors of your dashboard in the theme settings. You can switch the theme between light and dark, or change individual color options. The dashboard theme is applied to both the desktop and mobile view.

You can configure your dashboard theme to match your organization's branding, match user environments, and more. When you create a dashboard, it is in the light theme by default.

To configure the theme of your dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. On the dashboard toolbar, click the Theme button Theme.
  2. To change your dashboard to the dark theme, choose Dark. Alternatively, if your dashboard is already using the dark theme, choose Light to change to the light theme.
  3. Optionally, do any of the following to your theme colors:
    • Change any of the theme colors, such as dashboard background color.
    • If you have a map element on your dashboard, change the color used for map selection.

    You can save custom colors to the color picker to reuse elsewhere in the dashboard. Colors are saved only for the current browser session.

You can reset any changes you make to the theme colors back to the default light or dark theme colors by clicking Reset.

If you have a map element in your dashboard, consider also making the basemap dark or light to match the theme.

If you change the basemap using the basemap switcher in the map element, your changes do not save. To permanently change the basemap, you must change it in the web map. See Choose basemap for details.