Change the theme

A dashboard theme is composed of colors and styling options. When you create a dashboard, the light theme is used by default. You can select one of the provided themes or create a custom theme. Creating a custom theme allows you to match your organization's style guidelines and user environments, complement the data, and more. The theme is saved with the dashboard and is applied to both desktop and mobile views.

To change the theme of a dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. On the dashboard toolbar, click the Theme button Theme and select one of the provided themes.

    The theme is applied to the dashboard.

To create a custom theme, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Custom theme and choose from the color and style options.
  2. Alternatively, select one of the provided themes and click Copy and configure copy to customize the colors and style.

    The custom theme is saved with the dashboard.

Color options

Using the right color options, you can enhance a dashboard's design. The color options are divided into two groups. The first group of basic colors are all you need to decide for most dashboards, as the other colors are derived from the basic choices.


Not all dashboards will display the accent color as it is used for buttons, such as selectors and dashboard reset.

For more color choices, expand the advanced color section. All advanced colors are calculated from the three basic colors. They can be independently changed, and in some cases changed for each element as well. If you have a map element in a dashboard, consider making the basemap dark or light to match the theme. If you are creating a multicategory serial chart or pie chart and you select the theme first, the default chart colors will match the theme.

Color contrast

Color contrast is important when designing accessible dashboards. A warning icon Color contrast warning is displayed when color contrast requirements are not met. Expand the Legible section in the color picker for more information, and adjust one or both of the colors to meet the minimum requirement.


You can save custom colors to the color picker to reuse elsewhere in the dashboard. Colors are saved only for the current browser session.

Style options

Styling options are applied to the dashboard layout and specifically to the elements, header, and sidebar. The corner shape only affects the outside shape, not the buttons. The spacing is applied between elements and the header or sidebar.