Share a dashboard

Once you are finished configuring your dashboard, share it with its intended audience. Without sharing your dashboard, only you and organization members with privileges to view content owned by other members can access it. Along with other items in your organization, you can share dashboards publicly with everyone, only the people in your organization, or specific groups. There are multiple points from which you can share a dashboard, such as the Dashboards home page, the My Content tab of your organization, and the item details page of the dashboard. This topic explains how to share the dashboard from the Dashboards home page. For details on how to share your dashboard from your organization, see share items.


When publicly sharing a dashboard that will receive a lot of traffic, follow the best practices for building highly scalable dashboards.

  1. Save your dashboard, click Home, and from the menu, click Dashboards to go to the Dashboards home page.
  2. On the My dashboards tab, find the dashboard you just created.

    It appears near the top of the screen if you just created it. If necessary, find the dashboard by typing its title in the filter box.

  3. Hover over the dashboard's card and click Item details Item details.

    The dashboard's item details page appears.

  4. Click Share, specify who you want to share the dashboard with, and click OK.
    For details on sharing settings, see Share items.

    You also need to share any web maps and web layers used in the dashboard with users as well. See Share items for details.

  5. After configuring your sharing settings, you can promote your dashboard by embedding it in another website or app.


    Make sure your dashboard is shared with everyone so that anyone viewing your website can also view the dashboard.