Use sites

You can use ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App to create, open, and view information about sites. You can create sites using point locations or open and view polygon and geography sites created in Business Analyst Web App. You can also access any sites shared with you.

Create a site

You can create sites in Business Analyst Mobile App from point locations. Sites you create in the app are added to your project and can also be opened in Business Analyst Web App.


You cannot create threshold area sites or suitability analysis layer sites in Business Analyst Mobile App. To learn more about accessing these types of sites, see Access projects analyses.

  1. Choose your location in one of the following ways:
    • Place a pin on the map. Tap and hold anywhere on the map to place a pin.
    • Enter an address. Tap Search Search for an address and type an address.
    • Use your current location. Tap the current location button on the upper right.
  2. Tap Create Site.
  3. Choose Rings, Drive times, or Walk times and enter up to three values.
    Creating drive times and walk times consumes credits. See Credits in the Business Analyst Web App documentation for more information.
  4. Optionally, tap the unit of measurement to change the units used.
  5. For drive times, tap Options to set travel mode, direction, and traffic.
  6. Tap Apply to save your site.

Open a site

In the map view, pin symbols represent locations of sites from point location layers. You can open a site by tapping the symbol on the map. You can also open sites from the Projects screen.


Only one site can be open on the map at any time. When you open a site, any previously open site is no longer open on the map.

Once you have opened a site, you can view any of the following:

  • Details—Shows details, photos, notes, and attachments for the site.
  • Facts—View standard and custom facts about the site.
  • Site options—Tap Site Options Options to open the site options menu. Tap Close Close site options to close the site options menu.


The Location Details screen shows details, photos, and notes for the open site and allows you to edit or add to them. The details include attributes for site characteristics (Building Area, Site Area, Frontage, and Parking) that can be customized in the web app. You can also run reports, compare sites, and view facts for your site from the Location Details screen.

To view site details, do the following:

  1. Open a site and tap Details.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • View site photos. Tap the photo at the top of the Location Details screen to view it. You can tap the Gallery button Gallery to open the gallery view of site photos. In the gallery view, you can tap a photo to open the full view. To delete photos, tap Select, select one or more photos, and tap the Delete button. Tap Done when finished.

      Panoramic and 360-degree photos are indicated by the panorama icon. These types of photos cannot be taken in the mobile app but can be added from your device or from Business Analyst Web App.

    • Add photos to the site. Tap the Add photo button Add a photo and choose Take Photo to take a photo, or tap Photo Library to choose an existing photo from your device.
    • View site attributes. Tap an attribute to edit it.
    • View site notes. Tap Add Note to add a note to your site. Tap an existing note to edit it.
    • View site attachments. Tap Add Attachment to add a document, image, video, or other file to your site. Tap an attachment to open it. Swipe left on an attachment to rename or delete it from your site.


      When you tap a video attachment, it opens a third-party application on your device to play the video.

Compare a site

You can compare site facts of your open site with a selected geography or with another site.

  1. From the site options, tap Compare Site.

    By default, ring, drive time, and walk time sites are compared with the entire country or area.

    The arrows displayed for each fact indicate whether the site has a higher or lower value for the variable compared to the geography or site.

  2. Optionally, tap Edit Edit to compare the site with a different geographic boundary in which the site is contained or with another site in any of your projects, or projects shared with you.
  3. Optionally, tap the My Facts tab to compare your site with your customized list of facts.

Take a photo

You can add photos to your site by taking a photo or uploading an image file from your device.

  1. From the site options, tap Take Photo.
  2. Choose any of the following:
    • Photo Library—To choose from photos on your mobile device.
    • Take photo—To use the camera on your mobile device to take a photo.
    • Browse—To browse the content on your mobile device and choose a photo.

Once you have added photos to a site, you can view them in the site details.

Edit a site

You can edit a point location site open on your map. To edit a site, do the following:

  1. From the site options, tap Edit Site.
  2. Modify any of the following:
    • Enter new values for the site buffers.
    • Choose a different buffer type.
  3. Tap Apply to save your changes.

The Edit Site option is not available for threshold areas and suitability analysis layer sites.

Delete a site

You can delete a site from your project. Tap Delete Site from the site options menu to delete the site open on the map. On the Confirm Delete dialog box, tap OK to confirm that you want to delete the site or tap Cancel.