Use the map

When you sign in to ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App, the map view appears with the most recent project's point layer active. If you allowed Business Analyst Mobile App to access your device location, the map automatically zooms to your current location as indicated by the blue dot on the map. You can select sites in a project, open a site, select content in map options, and open a web map.


To optimize Business Analyst Mobile App functionality, it is recommended that you allow the app access to your location.

View maps

ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App allows you to access your existing Business Analyst Web App projects, including map layers and sites. By default, only point locations from the most recently used point layer appear on the map.


The appearance of the app may be different if the administrator for your organization has customized the app theme.

To view maps, do the following:

  1. Tap the Menu button Menu button, and select Map.

    The most recently used project's point location layer appears on the map.

  2. Tap a pin symbol to open a site on the map.

    The map zooms to the site.

  3. Tap Details, Facts, or the Site options button Site options to learn more about the site.

    For more information about accessing site details, see Sites.

  4. Tap the Map options button Map options.

    You can select a basemap or view map layers or a legend.

    • To select a basemap, tap Basemaps.

      The Basemaps screen appears, displaying the basemaps available to apply to the project.

    • To view map layers or a legend, tap Map Contents.

      The Map Contents screen appears with the Map Layers option active, displaying the currently active project's layers. Layers that are currently active are indicated by a check mark check mark.

  5. Optionally, tap a layer to uncheck it and remove it from the map on the Map Contents screen, or tap Search Search to search for map layers by name.
  6. Optionally, tap Legend on the Map Contents screen to see information about the symbology of the layers.

    The Map Contents screen appears with the Legend option active. Tap Search Search to search content in the legend. If the project does not have a legend, the This map has no legend message is shown.

  7. Use the toggle button to add layers to or remove layers from the map.

Open a web map

You can open web maps in Business Analyst Mobile App. Find web maps by category or organization, including web maps from ArcGIS Living Atlas. To open web maps, do the following:

  1. Tap the Menu button Menu and select ArcGIS.

    The ArcGIS screen appears. You can search for maps or layers, set the current map to active, browse maps by category, and view content in your organization.

  2. Browse maps by category by doing any of the following:
    • Tap Favorites. The Select Map screen appears, displaying web maps you have marked as favorites. You can use ArcGIS Online to set favorites.
    • Tap Recent. The Select Map screen appears, displaying your recently used web maps.
    • Tap My Maps. On the Select Folder screen, select a folder, and on the Select Map screen, select a web map.
    • Tap Groups. On the Select Group screen, select a group, and on the Select Map screen, select a web map.
    • Tap Living Atlas. On the Select Category screen, to see maps from all the categories, tap Show All, and on the Select Map screen, select a web map. To learn more, see ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.
  3. Optionally, choose a map shared in your organization.

    The Select Map screen appears with a selection of maps available. Tap a map to open it.

  4. Optionally, after you have selected a map on the ArcGIS screen, use the toggle button in the Current Web Map section to turn the map on or off.

To learn more, see the ArcGIS section in the Menu options topic.

Interact with web maps

You can view facts and run infographics and classic reports for polygon and point features in a web map. Once you open a web map, you can interact with it by doing the following:

  1. Zoom in to the map and tap a polygon or point feature.
    • If you tapped a polygon, it is highlighted on the map.
    • If you tapped a point, create a site around the point.
  2. To view facts about the selected item, follow the instructions in View facts.
  3. To run infographics and classic reports, tap Site Options Options and follow the instructions in Run an infographic or Run a report.