Set app preferences

You can customize ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile App by setting preferences for the application. Tap the Menu button Menu options in the app and choose Settings. On the Settings screen, you can configure site defaults, login preferences, and infographic preferences. Changes are automatically applied to the app.

Set site and map defaults

You can configure the following settings for your sites and map:

  • Default Area—Select Ring, Driving Area, or Walking Area as the default area for sites.
    • Enter up to three values for the radius/time. For example, enter 1, 3, and 5 miles for ring areas, or 5, 10, and 15 minutes for driving and walking areas.
    • When Driving Area is selected as the default area type, set default Driving Options for mode, direction, and traffic.
  • Transparency—Set the transparency level of site color fills on the map.
  • Show Site Labels—Turn on to see the current site name label on the map.
  • Show current location—Turn the toggle button off to disable the current location indicator (blue dot) on the map.
  • Default benchmark—For Compare site, select a different geographic boundary level as the default benchmark.
  • Default Basemap—Choose a different basemap to set as the default. You can perform a search or sort the list order by name or most recently modified.

Set login preferences

If your device supports biometric authentication, you can configure biometric authentication to sign in to the app. When you are enrolled in biometric authentication for sign in, the Touch ID or Face ID toggle button is set to on. You can disable it by setting the toggle button to off. When enabled, you are prompted to enroll and scan your fingerprint or face. Once a successful scan is registered, you are enrolled for 90 days.


Business Analyst Mobile App supports Touch ID and Face ID for iOS devices. For Android devices, only fingerprint authentication is supported.

Set infographic preferences

You can configure how your infographics display in the app. Turn on the View Desktop Mode toggle button to view infographics in full mode. By default, infographics are displayed in a view optimized for mobile devices, which allows you to scroll through the panels and tap to explore.


With either toggle setting, when you physically reorient your device between portrait and landscape mode, the infographic is adjusted accordingly for optimal viewing.