Introduction to Fire Service Maps

Fire Service Maps can be used to produce wall maps and run books that are placed in a fire station or apparatus to assist with response activities.

Fire personnel must understand their communities and quickly respond to calls for service. Delayed response times could result in the loss of life and property. While maps have made their way on to public safety mobile data computers (MDC), two primary hardcopy maps are still produced for reference in the fire service. Station wall maps are generally small scale maps hung on the wall of each fire station to help new personnel become more familiar with the service area. Run Books, on the other hand, are large scale maps that include a series of map pages along with a street index. They are combined in to a single map book and are placed in each apparatus to supplement maps provided on the MDC. Having an efficient way to produce station wall maps or run books ensure each hardcopy map product reflects changes that may occur in a community. Fire Service Maps is typically implemented by fire departments that want to quickly produce a standard set of hardcopy maps for their community.

The Fire Service Maps solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you produce station wall maps and run books for each fire response district and combine them in single map book when necessary.

Deploy the solution

This ArcGIS Solution can be deployed in your ArcGIS organization.

Deploy the solution

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Fire Service Maps requires the following:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.9 or later
  • ReportLab 3.4.0 or later

Information products

Fire Service Maps includes the following information products:

Fire Service MapsDescriptionMinimum user type
Fire Service Maps

An ArcGIS Pro project used by fire fighters to produce wall maps and run books that are placed in a fire station or apparatus to assist with response activities.

GIS Professional Basic

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Release notes

The following are the release notes:



  • An update to the Fire Service Maps ArcGIS Pro project to resolve an issue with the replace layer tool.


  • First release of Fire Service Maps.