Terms of use for static maps

You can use static maps that include ArcGIS Online maps hosted by Esri in printed or digital reports and PowerPoint presentations for colleagues, subsidiaries, and customers. A static map includes screen captures, a printed or plotted map, a map used in a PDF file, a map used in a PowerPoint presentation, or any other static rendering of a map.

The following uses are permitted:

  • Personal use, internal business use, or to include in a presentation or a report for a client
  • In brochures and marketing collateral, or on a company website to promote your own products and services and display your store locations
  • In academic publications (for example, research journals, textbooks, and so on)
  • In government works, so long as the government agency clearly delineates between government works that are in the public domain and third party works that are protected by copyright. The following attribution is recommended as a caption to the image: Map image is the intellectual property of Esri and is used herein under license. Copyright © 2020 Esri and its licensors. All rights reserved.

For any other uses, you must first obtain permission from Esri. Some types of use in this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial monetization
  • Direct resale

In all cases, your use of a static map created from ArcGIS Online maps must include appropriate attribution to Esri and its licensors.


Commercial use of data for certain countries and regions may be subject to additional third-party restrictions.

Attribution for static maps

You must provide attribution on or near your map or image that includes an ArcGIS Online map hosted by Esri. You can find the appropriate attribution by using Map Viewer or Map Viewer Classic. At the bottom of the map, you will see the attribution. You can copy and paste this attribution as needed. If no credits are included with the map, you must credit the sources found in the Credits field of the item page for the ArcGIS Online map you are using.