Display copyrights

You must provide attribution on or near your map or image that includes an ArcGIS Online map hosted by Esri. You can find the appropriate attribution by using Map Viewer. In the lower right section of the viewing area, you will see the attribution. You can copy and paste this attribution as needed. For Bing Maps, you must not alter and must include the logo and copyright notices as they appear on the map.

If you do not have access to Map Viewer, you should credit the sources found in the Credits field of the item page for an ArcGIS Online map. For instance, if you are using USA Soil Survey, the credit should be "Source: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service."


Users of ArcGIS Online maps hosted by Esri may not use robots, automated fetching software, batch code, or any unattended methods for accessing ArcGIS Online maps hosted by Esri. Esri may use technology or other means to protect the services or to prevent users from violating this understanding. These means may hinder or disable use of the ArcGIS Online maps.