Share maps (Map Viewer Classic)


This topic includes information related to Map Viewer Classic. An enhanced map viewer is now available. Open Map Viewer from the app launcher to get started. To learn more, see the Map Viewer help documentation.

You can share any map you find on the website by sending an email with a link, posting it to your Facebook or Twitter account, embedding it in a website or blog, or creating an app that includes the map. Open the map in Map Viewer Classic, click the Share button, and choose an option for sharing it.


You may not see all the sharing options, depending on how your administrator has configured your site or if you do not have privileges to share content. For example, you only see the Facebook and Twitter options if you are allowed to share outside the organization.

Considerations for sharing maps

  • If you want your map to be accessible to the general public (and your organization allows sharing outside the organization), you need to share it with everyone. To do this, click the Share button and check the box next to Share with everyone (public). You can also use the share option on the My Content tab of the content page.
  • You can only embed maps that are shared with everyone (public).
  • When you share a map through a link or embed it in a website, the extent you last viewed is automatically captured and included in the link or embedded map. When the map is opened, it shows the extent you were viewing when you shared it. This allows you to share and embed maps that open at specific locations. For example, if you find a demographic map for the entire United States, you can zoom in to your city and share a link that opens the map at that city.
  • If you want to share a map publicly that contains subscriber content or premium content, you can create a map-based app and configure it to allow access to the content through your organizational subscription. (Your subscription will incur any credit costs.)