View time maps (Map Viewer Classic)


This topic includes information related to Map Viewer Classic. An enhanced map viewer is now available. Open Map Viewer from the app launcher to get started. To learn more, see the Map Viewer help documentation.

If you see a time slider at the bottom of a map, that map includes one or more temporal layers, and you can play the map to see how the information changes over time. Using the slider controls, you can control the animation of the data with buttons to play/pause, go to previous time period, and go to next time period.

  1. Open the map in Map Viewer Classic.
  2. Look for a time slider at the bottom of the map. If the time slider is not visible, this means that the map does not contain any time-aware layers or that the time-aware layers are not currently visible.
  3. Click Play to begin animating the map.
  4. If you want, use the sliders to manually adjust the time period that appears on the map.
  5. Click Pause to pause the animation.
  6. Click Previous to go back to the last data interval.
  7. Click Next to advance to the next data interval.
  8. To adjust the playback speed, click Time Settings Time Settings to the right of the slider and move the slider toward Slower or Faster. You can configure other time settings as well.