Publish a configured app

After configuring your app, you're ready to publish and share it. The draft version of your app is only visible to you and members in your ArcGIS organization with administrative privileges. To share it with others, you can publish your app from the Instant Apps configuration window.

  1. In the configuration panel, click Publish and click Confirm.

    A success message appears when publishing is completed, and the Draft badge changes to a Published badge with the date and time you published.


    When you publish, a proxy is automatically created for public access to subscriber content in your app. You'll be prompted to authorize any premium content so anonymous users don't need to sign in to access the content if you share the app publicly. Authorizing premium content will consume credits based on the number of times your app is viewed.

  2. Using the options in the Share window that appears, share your app.
  3. If you need to change the configuration for a published app, click the Configure button on its item page, or open Instant Apps, click the My Apps tab, and click Configure for the app you want to update.

    You can work with a draft until you're ready to republish with updates. Changes that you make in a draft are not reflected in the published app until you click the Publish button again. Publishing the app synchronizes the changes between the draft and published versions.


    If you make changes to a published app and change your mind, you can revert to the last published version by clicking the Delete draft button in the configuration panel.