Include app and data details

The About settings in the configuration window include options to provide information that helps users understand the map and data. Some examples are as follows:

  • Include a header with the app's title and optional logo (based on your app's theme settings).
  • Include an introduction panel or window (splash screen) or cover page that introduces the app and provides relevant instructions to guide app users.
  • Provide options for users to get feature information, such as a legend or enabling hover pop-ups.

Many templates have a settings panel that's specific to the app, such as Sidebar and Portfolio. Depending on the related configuration options and the app layout, common settings can appear in different panels across the apps. When configuring an app, you can search its available settings by clicking Search settings and typing a keyword, such as legend or header. Select from the list of suggestions to open the corresponding section and setting in the configuration panel.

The following table compares applicable settings across the templates.

Option3D ViewerAttachment ViewerBasicCategory GalleryChart ViewerCountdownExhibitImagery ViewerInsetsInteractive LegendMedia MapNearbyPortfolioSidebarSliderZone Lookup

Cover page


Custom header


Details panel


Hover pop-up


Information panel


Introduction panel




Pop-up panel*

See note*

See note*


See note*

Title link


*Users can open feature pop-ups in apps if the map has pop-ups configured. Some app templates position pop-ups in a panel as part of its layout, including Attachment Viewer, Nearby, and Zone Lookup. Other apps can automatically dock pop-ups in a corner, such as Insets and Interactive Legend, which allow you to set a fixed pop-up position.

For an alphabetical table that compares the configurable capabilities, see the app tools matrix (PDF). (Beta templates are excluded until the template is out of beta and ready to be used in production apps.)