Express and full setup modes

The Instant Apps configuration window provides two setup modes for accessing app settings in the configuration panel. When you configure a new app, it initially opens with the Express panel. The express mode offers the minimum set of essential choices that you need to consider to configure and publish a well-functioning app as efficiently as possible. You can follow the steps in the default express setup or turn off Express to switch to the full configuration so you can access all the configurable settings for the app.


When using the express configuration, if some default settings are acceptable for your use case, you don't need to go through each numbered step in the setup.

Full setup mode organizes the settings in corresponding panels with additional sections by category. Many templates also have a settings panel that's specific to the app, such as Nearby and Countdown. For example, when configuring the Nearby app, its Nearby settings include options to control more specifically how a user finds their location in the map, how the search distance is generated, and how results are presented.

To save time when configuring the app, you can search for a specific setting. Click Search settings and type a keyword for a setting or tool you want to find, such as share or extent. Select from the list of suggestions to open the corresponding section and setting in the configuration panel. If you search in express mode, you can still find all settings available for the app. You're prompted to turn off express if a setting isn't included, so you can go to the selected search result and access the setting in full setup.

You can also switch between these setup modes as needed. When you return to the app configuration window later (from My Apps or by clicking the Configure button on the item page), it opens in the setup mode that you used last for that app.