Translate app text

The Language switcher setting in the configuration window includes the option to provide multiple translations for the app text. The language switcher combines automatic translations of Esri-defined text from the app layout with your own translations from the app configuration, such as custom titles, messages, introduction windows, and other custom text. To add your own translations from the Language Switcher section of the configuration window, select the language or languages you want to translate and click Translation configuration to open the translation modal. From there, you can add your own translations directly in the modal or export the modal information to a Microsoft Excel file, enter the translations in the file, and import the file later.

Text from the map's data, such as in layer names, feature labels, and pop-up information, must be configured and translated separately. See the language switcher blog article for more details.


To learn more about configuring pop-ups to display translated data, see the Using Arcade to Translate Pop-Ups for Use in the ArcGIS Instant Apps blog article.

The following table compares the availability of the language switcher across the templates.

Option3D ViewerAtlasAttachment ViewerBasicCategory GalleryChart ViewerCountdownExhibitImagery ViewerInsetsInteractive LegendManagerMedia MapNearbyPortfolioPublic NotificationSidebarSliderZone Lookup

Language switcher