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Enrich Data uses the Esri GeoEnrichment Service from ArcGIS Online to give you demographic and landscape data for the people, places, and businesses associated with your point, line, or area data locations.


The GeoEnrichment Service must be configured to use Enrich Data in Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise.

The GeoEnrichment privilege is required to use Enrich Data in Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise and Insights in ArcGIS Online. The GeoEnrichment privilege is included in the Publisher, Facilitator, and Administrator default roles.

You must be signed in to an ArcGIS organization to use Enrich Data in Insights desktop. The ArcGIS organization will be used to access the necessary services.


An analyst has crime counts for hexagon grid cells overlaying her city. To create a crime rate, she uses Enrich Data to obtain the number of people living within each hexagon.

Library staff want to ensure that program offerings at each library branch effectively serve local communities. By using Enrich Data to gather information about the people living in neighborhoods surrounding each library, they get a clear picture of who the potential branch patrons are. The demographic data allows them to more effectively design their program offerings to match local community needs.

Use Enrich Data

Enrich Data can be run with point, line, or area layers.

Complete the following steps to run Enrich Data:

  1. If necessary, click the map card to activate it. A card is active when the toolbar and Action button Action appear.
  2. Click the Action button and choose Enrich Data.
  3. For Choose layer to enrich, select the layer you want to enrich with demographic or landscape data.
  4. Click Open data browser.
  5. Change the Country or area parameter to the location where your data is located, if necessary.
  6. Select the variables you want to add to your dataset by browsing through the categories or using the search bar.
  7. Click Apply.

    The variables you selected appear in the Enrich Data pane.

  8. If your data is points or lines, enter a distance and units in Set distance value to expand search area. This parameter is not used for area features.
  9. Click Run.

Usage notes

Use the Choose a layer to enrich parameter to add data to a selected layer from the map. The data can be point, line, or area features.

The Select lifestyle and demographic data parameter includes a button to open the data browser. In the data browser, you can select the country or area where your data is located as well as one or more variables from categories such as Population, Education, and Spending. For information about supported countries, see the Esri Demographics help.

You can use the search bar within the data browser to search for variables. The search function finds variables or categories of variables that match the search criteria. If a category matches the search then all variables within the category are returned. The search returns exact string matches only and is not case sensitive.

If your input features are points or lines, a third parameter, Set distance value to expand search area, will be available. A search distance in meters, kilometers, feet, or miles must be entered to run Enrich Data for points and lines. The distance units will be based on the default units for your account.

Enrich Data uses the ArcGIS Online GeoEnrichment service. Running Enrich Data will use credits from your ArcGIS Online organization.


If Enrich Data is not available and This capability requires credits. Contact your ArcGIS administrator to purchase or assign credits for your account is displayed, it means either your organization or your account do not have enough credits to run analysis. If your organization has insufficient credits, your account manager must purchase additional credits before you can use Enrich Data. If your organization is configured to restrict credit usage by account, then you may not have credits assigned to your account. Contact your ArcGIS administrator to assign additional credits to your account.


For Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise users, your portal must be configured with the GeoEnrichment utility service for Enrich Data to be available in Insights.

You must have GeoEnrichment privileges to use Enrich Data. GeoEnrichment is included in the Publisher, Facilitator, and Administrator roles.

Enrich Data does not work when Portal for ArcGIS is installed on Windows and configured with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication. This is an issue for environments that deploy the portal in disconnected mode.

You must be signed in to an ArcGIS organization for Enrich Data to be available in Insights desktop. The ArcGIS connection must have the necessary configurations and privileges to use Enrich Data.

This tool is not supported for read-only connections to Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and database platforms that are not supported out-of-the-box.


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