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U.S. data overview

Esri offers comprehensive demographic, lifestyle segmentation, consumer spending, and business content for a variety of geographic levels in the United States for use in analyzing markets and consumers, identifying underserved communities, and formulating better business decisions and policy decisions. Much of this information can be accessed as ready-to-use map layers in the Demographics and Lifestyle Group on

Esri U.S. Demographics are available in various products including: Living Atlas of the World, ArcGIS Business Analyst, ArcGIS Community Analyst, ArcGIS Maps for Office and ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, and the ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Service. In ArcGIS Online, you can Browse Living Atlas Layers and Enrich Layers with this data. For information about purchasing Esri Demographics as stand-alone datasets, contact

U.S. demographic data

Esri offers the following U.S. demographic data:

For details on the sources for Esri demographics data in the U.S, see the Esri U.S. Data Fact Sheet (PDF).


For the full catalog of U.S. Esri Demographic and Business Data, download the 2019 Esri Demographic and Business Data List (XLS) .

Available geographies

2019 Feature Count2019 Source/Version

2010 Census Geographies

Block Group (BG)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2018*

Tract (TR)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2018*

County (CY)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2018*

State (ST)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2018*

United States (US)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2018*

Census Correspondence

County Subdivisions (CS)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2010*

Places (PL)


US Census Bureau/TIGER 2018*



Office of Management and Budget/April 2018



The Nielsen Company/2018–2019

Congressional Districts (CD)


US Census Bureau/116th Congress, TIGER 2018*

Postal Geographies

Residential ZIP Codes (ZP)


HERE/Q3 2018

All ZIP Codes (Residential and Non-Residential)


HERE/Q3 2018

* US Census Bureau TIGER/Line Geodatabases have been altered to better align with Esri ArcGIS Online Basemaps.

Variable definitions

Variable definitions for Esri Demographic, Spending, Lifestyle, and Business Data for the U.S. are available in the following format:

U.S. Demographic, Spending, Lifestyle, and Business Data Variable Definitions (XLS)