Supported content

To add content to a site's content library or layout, the content must be supported in ArcGIS Hub as an item type.

Collections of item types

The ArcGIS Online item types below are supported in ArcGIS Hub, and organized into the following collections which can be used to narrow content searches.

  • ArcPad package (.zip)
  • ArcGIS server stream services
  • Annotation layer
  • Comma-separated values (CSV) collection (.zip)
  • Comma-separated values (CSV) file (.csv)
  • Dataset
  • Explorer layer
  • Feature service (URL)
  • File geodatabase (.zip)
  • Geoprocessing sample (.zip)
  • GeoJSON file (.geojson or .json)
  • Hosted feature services
  • Image file (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, tif, or .tiff)
  • Image collection (.zip)
  • Image service (URL)
  • Image service layer
  • Keyhole Markup Language (KML) (.zip)
  • Keyhole Markup Language (KML) collection (.zip)
  • Layer (.lyr)
  • Layer package (.lpk or .lpkx)
  • Mosaic layer
  • Map service definition (.msd)
  • Network dataset layer
  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Feature Service (WFS) (URL)
  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) (URL)
  • Project template
  • Project package (.ppkx)
  • Raster catalog layer
  • Raster layer
  • Rule package (.rpk)
  • Shapefile (.zip)
  • Scene service (URL)
  • Scene layer package (.spk or .slpk)
  • Stream service (URL)
  • SQLite geodatabase
  • Vector tile package (.vtpk)
  • Vector tile service
  • Terrain layer
  • Tiled service layer
Maps and apps
  • Application (URL)
  • 360 VR experience (.3vr)
  • CityEngine Web Scene (.3ws)
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawing (.zip)
  • Desktop application (.zip)
  • Desktop application template (.zip)
  • Map
  • Map package (.mpk)
  • Map template (.mxt)
  • Map service
  • Operations Dashboard add-in (.opdashboardaddin)
  • Project template (.aptx)
  • Web map application
  • Web scenes
  • Document link (URL to online document)
  • iWork Keynote (.zip)
  • iWork Pages (.zip)
  • Microsoft Excel document (.xls or .xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Families of item types

Supported items are organized into non-configurable families. The preview page that opens for an item when viewing it in the context of ArcGIS Hub is based on its content family. The following table shows which preview page (route) opens by default for a given item type.


To display a user-friendly URL that includes the dataset title in a content view (only available for public content on Hub), enable the anonymous access setting in your ArcGIS Online organization. Hub accesses this organization anonymously to enrich public content by creating a URL that is based on the organization's URL key and the dataset name: orgShort::item-title-with-dashes. If anonymous access is not enabled, a content view URL displays the item ID (a series of numbers). To enable anonymous access, see Configure security. Content can be viewed via the URL: family/item_ID even when a user-friendly URL (with dataset title) is generated.

Family RouteItem type



  • Application
  • Insights Workbook


  • CityEngine
  • Web Scene
  • Dashboard
  • Insights Page
  • StoryMap (Classic and New)
  • Urban Model



  • CSV (if non-proxied)
  • Feature Collection
  • File Geodatabase
  • KML Collection
  • Map Image Layer
  • Scene Layer
  • Shapefile


  • CSV (proxied only)
  • Feature Service (child layer)
  • Image Service
  • KML
  • Map Service (child layer)



  • Document Link (if embed disabled)
  • Page (if not in page tree)
  • Image
  • iWork Keynote
  • iWork Numbers
  • iWork Pages
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Visio Document











  • Feature Service (multi-layer)
  • Scene Service


  • Map Service
  • Raster Layer
  • Stream Service
  • Vector Tile Service
  • Web Map
  • Web Scene
  • WMS
  • WMTS



Solution (template)


Hub Initiative Template


All remaining supported item types