Make public content more discoverable

If you want to share content with the public, consider making your content available as part of the ArcGIS Hub homepage. This site, a common entry point for organizations signing in to their ArcGIS Hub, uses the ArcGIS Hub unified search experience to display public search results from around the world. It also provides access to members of your team or organization with access to internal content so that they can search for content all in one place.

How is different from a search bar added to my site?

If you're sharing a lot of content as part of a site or initiative, it's highly recommended that you add a search bar somewhere on your site or initiative site. You can also ensure that global navigation is enabled for your site. Global navigation adds a compact bar to the top of a site or initiative site and includes a search bar by default. Anyone who queries a search using either of these search bars will only see search results for content belonging to that site or initiative. On the other hand, search queries on, will return all related content shared by you, teams across your organization, and content belonging to other hubs around the world.

Share content as part of

To make your content more discoverable, the ArcGIS Online subscription that your organization uses to access ArcGIS Hub must be enabled for open data. Once enabled, groups can be designated as open data. To get started, see Enable groups for open data.


To enable groups for open data, you must have the make groups available to Open Data assigned to your user role. For more information, see Configure roles and privileges for ArcGIS Hub