Share private content

You can share sites that are entirely internal or restrict the visibility of certain content on your sites.


When sharing internal content, every site and the content shared on it have their own sharing controls. This means that an item on a site is shared independently of the site or page on which it's displayed. You must verify that all content belonging to a site or page is shared with the appropriate audience.

Share internal sites and pages

You can share a site and its pages internally so that only members of your organization can download data when signed in to ArcGIS Hub.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub.
  2. Open the site, page, or initiative that you want to share in edit mode.
  3. Click the visibility drop-down menu next to the Save button in the edit navigation bar.
  4. Click Organization Building to share the site with anyone who has an account with your organization's subscription to ArcGIS Online.

    You do not need to change sharing settings to share your site with its core team. Every site is automatically shared with its core team.

  5. Ensure that the site's content, including all apps and datasets, is also shared with the organization. For more information, see Adjust sharing controls.

Limit row visibility

You can limit who can see certain content by row on a site or page.

  1. Open a site or page in edit mode.
  2. Add an appropriate card to a new row or an existing row to show the items that you want to display.

    The items shared on the row must also have the appropriate sharing controls set to the audience you want to share with.

  3. Under Row Settings in the side panel, click Limit to Group and choose a group, such as core team or supporting team.
  4. Click Save.