Change theme

When you create a dashboard, it is in the light theme by default. If your dashboard will be used in low light, consider switching its theme from light to dark, which makes the dashboard more readable in dark environments.

To change the theme, complete the following steps:

  1. On the dashboard, click the Options button Options.
  2. Under Theme, choose Dark. Alternatively, if your dashboard is already using the dark theme, choose Light to change to the light theme.
  3. If you have a map element in your dashboard, consider also making the basemap dark to match the theme.

    If you change the basemap using the basemap switcher in the map element, your changes do not save. To permanently change the basemap, you must change it in the web map. See Choose basemap for details.

For more theme customization, including element background color, tab color, and selection color, see Dashboard settings.

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