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ArcGIS StreetMap Premium mobile map packages

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium (based on the HERE data) in mobile map package (.mmpk) format is available for download and use in ArcGIS Pro by users with a StreetMap Premium license. Mobile map packages are made available for download either through your ArcGIS Online account or through My Esri. Once imported into ArcGIS Pro, the mobile map packages provide fast-drawing cartographic maps, classic locators similar to what's included in the standard StreetMap Premium products, and network datasets that are also similar to what's included in the standard products. WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) is the projected coordinate system for the mobile map packages. The mobile map packages are mainly organized by country, but there are also some regional mobile map packages, as well as state/province mobile map packages. The StreetMap Premium mobile map packages are updated for each region following each standard StreetMap Premium release.

Starting with the following releases, the mobile map package now uses a vector tile package (.vtpk) from the ArcGIS Online Navigation map for mapping and visualization that includes mapping contributions from the GIS user community and faster drawing speeds. For geocoding, the new locators replace the classic locators:

  • Asia Pacific 2020 Release 1
  • Latin America 2020 Release 1
  • North America 2020 Release 3
  • Europe 2020 Release 2

To use the geocoding and routing capabilities in the mobile map packages, you must have the appropriate StreetMap Premium regional extension provisioned in ArcGIS Pro. This should automatically be made available to you through Esri Customer Service. Check with your organization's license administrator or Esri Customer Service if a StreetMap Premium extension is not available.

Routing in Dubrovnik, Croatia

For more information on the StreetMap Premium data available in mobile map package format, see Mobile map packages for ArcGIS Pro and Navigator users.

For details on using mobile map packages in ArcGIS Pro, see Get Started with a StreetMap Premium mobile map package in ArcGIS Pro help.