Publish a survey

After previewing a survey in the Survey123 website, but before you deploy it, you need to publish it.

Publish a new survey

To publish a survey you created in the Survey123 website, click the Publish button in the lower right corner of the Design page.

When you publish a survey, a feature layer is created to represent the form, and the form is saved as an item in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. Before you publish a survey, you can click Modify schema in the lower left corner of the publish confirmation dialog box to open a table view containing all of the fields in the survey. This table allows you to change the name and maximum length of a field in the underlying feature layer, which are otherwise set automatically. The new name of the field is not visible in Survey123 or other apps, which display the label provided when the survey was created.

The Modify schema table allows you to change the name and length of fields in a survey.

Once published, changes to the name and field length are not allowed on existing questions. This is because feature layers are generated during publication, and editing of existing feature layers can be complex or, in some cases, impossible.

The survey can be sent to users for completion online and for download and use in the Survey123 field app.

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