The following question types allow users to specify a location, either on a map or by typing an address.


Map provides a map interface for the user to specify a point, line, or area. Select the type of geometry and drawing style to be used by the survey. The geometry type used will apply to the underlying feature layer for the survey and cannot be changed once published; however, the drawing style can be changed at any time. The Map and extent settings allow you to select which online basemap, default map extent, and locator service the question will use. There is also an option to ensure that the user's location will only be captured when first interacting with the question.


If the Do not submit the answer option is checked for a map question, the geometry type will not be used for the underlying feature layer, and you can change it after publishing.

This question type is equivalent to a geopoint, geotrace, or geoshape question in Survey123 Connect. The following features are supported in the Survey123 field app but not in the web app:

  • Offline basemaps.
  • Location averaging for geopoint questions.
  • Geopoint symbology.
  • Location accuracy thresholds and location quality expressions.
  • All pulldata("@geopoint") properties. The web app only supports the x, y, z, horizontalAccuracy, verticalAccuracy, speed, and direction properties.
  • Calculations on geotrace and geoshape questions, including the sum() function.
  • Style options provided for geotrace and geoshape questions.


Address provides a text box for entering an address. Begin typing an address, and a series of autocomplete options will appear suggesting locations based on the locator service set for the question; if not set, the question will use your organization's chosen locator, which by default is the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service. You can set this question to submit the selected address selected as text or to submit both the selected address as text and its location as a point geometry. If a Map question is present in the survey, you can only submit the address as text.

This question type behaves in the same way as a text question with a geocode appearance in Survey123 Connect.

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