Web app version

Every version of ArcGIS Survey123 includes incremental fixes and enhancements to the web app that change its behavior. As these may cause undesired changes to your survey, Survey123 supports locking a survey version, keeping the functionality for an individual survey at the same web app version to which it was published.

To control the web app version used for a specific survey, click the Settings tab for your survey in the lower right of the survey's panel on the My Surveys page. It opens to the Version tab.

Version tab in Survey123 website

This tab contains a pair of radio buttons to control the version of the web app you want to use: the latest version, or the version at the time the survey was published. The default is to use the version at the time of publishing. There is also a link provided to preview the survey in the latest version of the web app.


Archived web app versions are only available for Survey123 2.8 and later for surveys published in the web designer, or Survey123 3.0 and later for surveys published in Survey123 Connect. If your survey was published earlier than this, you can only use the latest version of the web app.

If the option to use the latest web app is chosen, the survey is dynamically upgraded when the page loads, potentially leading to increased load times. You can eliminate this issue by republishing the survey, which allows you to continue using the same feature layer.

Making changes to your survey and republishing it updates it to the latest version. It isn't possible to retain use of the archived web app version while republishing. Before making your changes and republishing, consider using the version control to test your survey in the latest version of the Survey123 web app to ensure that your existing survey still behaves as expected.