This is an archive related to a previous version of Esri Maps for MicroStrategy. If you need the current version go to


To compile and deploy the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy Mobile app, several requirements must be met. It is recommended that a developer assist you in meeting the following prerequisites:

  1. A Mac OS machine running OS X version 10.8.4 or later and 4G RAM or greater.
  2. An Apple developer license. See the Apple iOS developer program.
  3. Creation of a distribution certificate and a provisioning profile to run the app across numerous devices.
  4. Xcode 6.x and iOS SDK 8.x installed on the Mac machine. Xcode is free once you're registered as an Apple Developer.
  5. Downloaded the following on the Mac machine:
    • MicroStrategy Mobile Client from the MicroStrategy download site
    • Esri Maps for MicroStrategy. The package has an em4mm directory, which includes the following files:
      • Em4Mstr.framework—iOS framework that contains Em4Mstr library, header files and resource bundle.
      • config.xml—Configuration file for the statically linked library, Cordova, with custom plug-in definitions.

For more information about MicroStrategy Mobile SDK for iOS, see the MicroStrategy Developer Zone