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Enable access to Location Architect

Location Architect is used to build models that define geographic relationships in your organization's MicroStrategy data. There are two levels of user access for Location Architect:

  • Administrative access to Location Architect that allows users to access Location Architect to view, edit, or create the style and location definitions that comprise a Location Architect model
  • View-level access that allows users to view any map autogenerated by Location Architect, specifically maps containing location definition identifiers

Create a Location Architect Administrator role

To simplify administrative-level access to Location Architect, we recommend that you create a role that has the permissions outlined below and apply this role to users or groups requiring the highest level of access to Location Architect:

  1. Log in to the MicroStrategy Web Administrator tool with administrator credentials.
  2. Open the Intelligence Server Administrator for the appropriate Microstrategy project.
  3. Click the Security Role Manager icon.
  4. Click the Create New Security Role icon.
  5. Enter the name of the new role, for example, Location Architect Administrator
  6. Enter the user's credentials including user name and password.
  7. Click the Project Access tab.
  8. Enable the following:
    1. Web Reporter > Web user
    2. Web Analyst > Web create new report
    3. Administration > Web administration
    4. Administration > Bypass all security access checks
    5. Common Privileges > Create schema objects
  9. Click the Members tab.
  10. Select the project you want to apply the Location Architect Administrator role to.
  11. Under the appropriate project, select the users and/or groups that you want to apply the Location Architect Administrator role to.
  12. Click OK.

Enable other users to access autogenerated maps

Users with lower access privileges may be unable to view autogenerated maps that contain location definition identifiers from Location Architect. In these situations, a spinner reamins active in place of the map on the report. To ensure that all users can view all autogenerated maps, grant users the Web Professional permission called Web modify the list of report objects.

  1. In the Intelligence Server Administrator page, open the User Manager tool.
  2. Browse to and select the user to be granted the permission.
  3. Click the Project Access tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Web Professional role.
  5. In the User level column beside Web modify the list of report objects (use object browser - all objects)', check the check box.
  6. One or more blue check marks are added. Ensure that the check marks appear in the columns for the projects that the user permission is granted.