This is an archive related to a previous version of Esri Maps for MicroStrategy. If you need the current version go to

Enable printing

If printing is not enabled, then users will not be able to print documents or reports containing maps.

  1. Create a temp folder in the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy (em4mstr) directory:


  2. In temp Properties, provide Everyone with write permission on the temp folder.
  3. Using your web application server authentication tool, enable Anonymous Authentication for the temp folder.

Verify that printing works

  1. Add an image to the temp folder you created above.
  2. In MicroStrategy Web, create a blank document.
  3. Insert an image into your document.
  4. In the Source field, paste the URL to your image in the temp file. For example:

  5. In Interactive Mode, print the document.

    If printing fails, or you don't see the image in the PDF, contact your MicroStrategy Web administrator.