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Generate an application ID

When specifying the user login method on ArcGIS Online, administrators must register the application with the ArcGIS Online platform and include the generated application ID in the Esri Maps configuration settings file. To configure user logins for use with an ArcGIS Online organization, you must first add Esri Maps for MicroStrategy as an application and register it with the organization. This process generates a unique application ID, which identifies Esri Maps for MicroStrategy to your ArcGIS Onlineorganization. You use this application ID to set the arcgisAppId property in the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy configuration settings file. For more information, see Add items in the ArcGIS online help.

The following procedures should be performed by an administrator or publisher in the ArcGIS Online organization.

Add Esri Maps for MicroStrategy as an application to the ArcGIS Online organization

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. Open My Content and click Add Item.

    The Add Item window appears.

  3. From the The item is option, choose An Application.
  4. Choose Web Mapping for the type of item.
  5. Type the URL of the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy implementation in your organization.

    For example: http://<>/MicroStrategy

  6. For the Purpose, choose Ready to use.
  7. For the web mapping API, choose JavaScript.
  8. Type a title for the application, for example, Esri Maps for MicroStrategy.
  9. Type tags—words or short phrases that describe your application. Separate items with commas.
  10. Click Add Item.

    Your application is now added to ArcGIS Online. It appears on My Content, and you can edit item details and share the application.

    To generate a unique ID for your application, you must now register it with your ArcGIS Online organization.

Register Esri Maps for MicroStrategy with your ArcGIS Online organization

  1. Verify that you are logged in to your ArcGIS Online organization and click My Content.
  2. Click the title of the application you want to register to view its item details.
  3. Scroll down to the App Registration section and click Register.
  4. For the App Type, choose Browser.
  5. For each redirect URI, type the address in the format http://<server>[:port] and click Add.

    Redirect URIs are valid base URIs—addresses to which Esri Maps for MicroStrategy users are redirected after they successfully log in. In most organizations, your business intelligence platform can accessed in many ways, for example, using fully qualified domain names, IP addresses, and development/test/production environments. Be sure to list all possible redirect URIs.

    The following is a sample list of base URIs:



  6. Click Register.

    When your application is successfully registered, it is assigned a unique app ID.

  7. Scroll down to the App Registration section to view the app ID. If you don't see the app ID, click Registered Info.
    Make note of the app ID; you will use this ID to specify the arcgisAppId parameter in the administrative settings configuration file.

Configure Esri Maps for MicroStrategy login settings

  1. Using a text editor, open the settings.js configuration file.

    For details, see Configure login settings.

  2. Modify the following properties:

    arcgisUrl: "[URL to your ArcGIS organization]"

    For example: ""

    arcgisAuthType: "user"

    arcgisAppId: "[app ID generated upon application registration]"

    For example: "nvgHDDFXzMRWmKfY"

  3. Save the settings.js file.
  4. Restart your web application server. Clearing the browser cache may be required to implement changes.