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Delete a Location Architect model

Location Architect is used to build models that define geographic relationships in your organization's MicroStrategy data. If you want to delete a model permanently from the project, you must use the MicroStrategy SDK to delete the property set associated with the model.

  1. Download the latest MicroStrategy SDK.
  2. From the MicroStrategy SDK Utility, open the Extended Properties Editor.
  3. From the main menu of the Extended Properties Editor, choose File > New Connection.
  4. Under Select a data source, choose the data source of the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server you want to update.
  5. Under Select a root object, choose Project.
  6. Under Standard Credentials, enter your administrator login credentials and click Login.
  7. Choose the project you want to update and click OK.
  8. In the Object Browser, browse to System Objects > Property Sets for the project containing the model you want to delete.
  9. Choose the ESRIGEOMETA property set.
  10. From the main menu, choose Property Set > Delete.

    The property set is permanently deleted from your MicroStrategy installation and the Location Architect model is permanently deleted from the project.